Who owns american freedom insurance

American Freedom Insurance Company is owned by Western National Mutual Insurance Company. Western National, headquartered in Edina, Minnesota, acquired American Freedom Insurance in 2012.

The purchase included 100% of the stock of Dynamic Insurance Group, the parent holding company of American Freedom Insurance Company​ ​.

Western National Insurance Group is a well-established entity that operates multiple insurance companies across various states in the U.S. Their portfolio includes several regional property-and-casualty insurance companies, and American Freedom Insurance is part of this larger group. This acquisition allows Western National to diversify its offerings, particularly in non-standard auto insurance, complementing its other lines of business​ ​.

Post-acquisition, American Freedom Insurance continues to operate independently under the management of its existing leadership team. This autonomy ensures that the company’s expertise in non-standard automobile insurance remains a focal point, while benefiting from the financial stability and support of Western National​ (Insurance Journal)​. This strategic move also aligns with Western National’s broader objectives of expanding its market reach and enhancing its product offerings through specialized subsidiaries.

For more detailed financial and operational insights, Western National Mutual Insurance Company maintains robust financial health, with significant assets and a strong market presence across numerous states​ ​.

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